Engine Repair

We, at Midas in Urbana, don’t take short cuts or cut corners. When we repair an engine, ...


Keep yourself safe and out of trouble by having a regular check up of your brake system...


Ensure safety and comfort, let our team check and inspect your shocks once a year...

Timing Belt

If your timing belt fails, subsequent engine damage could be extremely costly.

Brake Masters in Canoga Park

We, at Brake Masters in Canoga Park, place the value of your safety along with the safety of your family and friends above all else. This is the reason why we pay the utmost attention to every detail when it comes to repairing your vehicle. Every vehicle serviced at Brake Masters leaves our facility with every aspect of the problem it was having inspected and repaired.

We have been serving the community for 15 years and our quality of work has earned us our ASE Certification, AAA Approved, and Tech-Net Certification. We have a pleasant place with free WiFi that you can feel comfortable since our technicians work on your vehicle. Next time you are having any problems with your vehicle or you just want a quick check up to make sure everything is running smoothly, Midas in Urbana is at your service.


“I love the service I get from Brake Masters in Canoga Park. The guys there are always nice, respectful, helpful, and professional.”
-David G.

“I always feel comfortable taking my car here. Brake Masters in Canoga Park always makes my driving a lot safer at an affordable price.”
-Emily S.